The Dietrich Law Firm was founded in 1995 with the goal of providing quality legal services at reasonable rates. In the continuing pursuit of that goal, the firm offers competitive rates and a free, no obligation, initial in-office consultation.

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The Firm has represented companies from throughout the United States and from foreign countries, including China, in business litigation and contract litigation.

The Firm focuses on business litigation, and does not specialize in any one practice area.  We have experience litigating a wide range of civil, business and commercial disputes including, but not limited to: insurance code violations, insurance bad faith, contracts, fraud, fraudulent transfers, trade secrets, non-compete agreements, tortious interference, business disparagement, misrepresentation, real estate, real estate fraud, fiduciary violations, statutory interpretation, negligence, declaratory actions, government immunity, deceptive trade practices, conversion, constitutional issues, jurisdiction, and venue.  The Firm also does appellate work.

The Firm has represented a wide range of people and businesses in business, civil and commercial litigation.  Firm clients have included large corporations, both foreign and domestic, small companies, partnerships, unincorporated businesses, churches, doctors, engineers, and lawyers.

The Dietrich Law Firm is a professional limited liability corporation located in Houston, Texas. The Firm is close to Houston's downtown, Upper Kirby District, Rice University, Medical Center, and Greenway Plaza.



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